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TWEEN readers get ready to enjoy 3 books featuring relatable, black main characters experiencing real-life challenges! Follow along as Scoob tries to avoid punishment by taking an adventurous trip with his G'ma in Clean Getaway; a young budding musician named Saint and his dog Shadow face a major struggle in the midst of a hurrican in Saint Louis Armstrong Beach; and Trace Carter as he adjusts to life in a new city while uncovering secrets that could help him cope with his traumatic past in Trace.

All Tweens

  • by Pat Cummings

    Trace Carter doesn’t know how to feel at ease in his new life in New York. Even though his artsy Auntie Lea is cool, her brownstone still isn’t his home. Haunted by flashbacks of the accident that killed his parents, the best he can do is try to distract himself from memories of the past.

    But when Trace takes a wrong turn near a public library and finds a crying little boy, wearing old, tattered clothes, he thinks he's seen a ghost. Trace soon discovers that the boy he saw has ties to Trace’s own history—and that he, himself, may be the key to setting the dead to rest.