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by Vontae Davis

Middle School Rules of Vontae Davis


by Vontae Davis

Before he became a first-round draft pick in the NFL, he had to survive middle school. Over one million boys play high school football every year. About 6.5% become collegiate players. Of those, only 1.5% reach the NFL. Those odds were daunting for a young Vontae Davis who endured many challenges as his parents battled addiction. At age 11, Vontae and his siblings faced living in separate foster homes, but Grandma Adaline refused to allow it--adopting and raising all seven children despite financial difficulties. With some guidance from his older brother Vernon (two-time Pro Bowl tight end) Vontae earned a college football scholarship, and after three years entered the NFL.

The Middle School Rules of Vontae Davis features Vontae's defining childhood stories and lessons learned growing up in a rough Washington D.C. neighborhood. Young readers will see how Vontae thrived with the support of those around him--by product more important than his grandmother. A two-time Pro Bowl selection, Vontae was named an NFL Players Association Community MVP during the 2015 season.

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