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The *TEEN/YA category for older Teenagers and Young Adults features 3 suspenseful, engaging, socially conscious novels. Award-winning and award-worthy black authors bring relatable, black main characters to life in these sobering, yet inspiring tales. 


*PLEASE NOTE: The books in the Young Adult (YA)/Teen bundle contain more mature content, language, and social situations that are MOST appropriate for older, mature teens (ages 15 and up). It is recommended that younger teens (14 and under) enjoy our TWEENS Book Bundles.

Teen/YA Bundle

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  • by Kekla Magoon
    A girl walks home from school. She's tall for her age. She's wearing her winter coat. Her headphones are in. She's hurrying. She never makes it home.


    In the aftermath, while law enforcement tries to justify the response, one fact remains: a police officer has shot and killed an unarmed thirteen-year-old girl. The community is thrown into upheaval, leading to unrest, a growing movement to protest the senseless taking of black lives, and the arrival of white supremacist counter demonstrators.