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About Us

On a Mission to Share Black LIT!

Lil' LIT Books was created out of my desperate need to get my son interested in reading.  Searching for a solution, I thought "what better way to engage a young, black boy in reading than offering books with kids that look and act like him?!"


Though there is an amazing cohort of black authors and illustrators creating works featuring young black characters, finding these books all in one place was a struggle. This obvious gap in the market  planted a seed for the concept of a one-stop-shop for kids' books with black main characters, and... Lil' LIT Books was born!


The value-add of #LITBookBundles goes beyond just the product. I want to share a little nugget of joy and black culture with young readers. I really hope parents, kids, family members and friends find as much joy in giving and receiving these books as I have in bringing the vision to life!


- Shardae Robinson, Founder & Book Worm 


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