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Monthly Subscription: Our brand-new Booked & Busy Bundle subscription box is perfectly procured for our Teens & Young Adults. The "Bookish" community is buzzing about the vastly growing and super diverse YA genre. From dramatic and insightful stories to humorous and supernatural tales, this Booked & Busy Bundle brings TWO amazing, diverse novels to your doorstep each month. With the wide variety of themes across several genres featuring black main characters, you may need to buckle up for the YA ride! Subscribe & save 10% off the normal price.


Booked & Busy Bundle

Price Options
Booked & Busy Bundle
Monthly Subscription Bundle (15 yrs old & Up)
$18.90every month until canceled

Introducing our Lil' LIT Books subscription bundles, a carefully curated collection designed to celebrate diversity and empower young readers of color. Each month, subscribers will receive TWO thoughtfully selected books featuring black protagonists, authored by black writers and/or illustrators, and reflecting diverse experiences within the black community. 

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