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Monthly Subscription: Our brand-new Chapter Champs Bundle subscription box will give your emerging readers new found independence and excitement with TWO adventurous and amusing books each month. These engaging stories offer light-hearted themes with black main characters your kids can relate to! Some books will have a few illustrations for the readers transitioning from picture to chapter books :) Subscribe & save 10% off the normal price.


Chapter Champs Bundle

Price Options
Chapter Champs
Monthly Subscription Bundle (6 to 9 yrs old)
$18.90every month until canceled

Introducing our Lil' LIT Books subscription bundles, a carefully curated collection designed to celebrate diversity and empower young readers of color. Each month, subscribers will receive a thoughtfully selected assortment of 2 children's books featuring black protagonists, authored by black writers and/or illustrators, and reflecting diverse experiences within the black community. 

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