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LIT Book Bundles

2 books shipped monthly starting at just $16 per month

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Keep the diverse books coming with 

LIT Book Bundle Subscriptions

Why LIT Book Bundles?

What We Believe
  • Currently, there are very limited numbers of black book shops for adolescent, tween, and teen readers 

  • Our #LITBookBundles fill that much-needed void for parents and kids seeking a one-stop-shop for black kids books 

  • Relatable black characters, content  and culture can encourage young readers and promote literacy in black communities 

What We Offer
  • Books featuring black characters & black culture for young readers

  • Curated, bundled books for youth:

    • age-appropriate to match reading levels and interests

    • bundle = 2 (or more) books

    • black authors/black illustrators

    • featuring black main characters

  • One-stop-shop for ages up to 21 

  • Increased exposure to black literature and authors

Enjoy $5 Shipping Everyday! 

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